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​My Niece
– a blink, a tear and a nail in the eye.
My Niece is a band from Stockholm, Sweden and includes Nina Fylkegård - vocals, Agneta Weissglas - keyboards, Lars Eriksson - guitar, Janne Eriksson - guitar, Anders Krusell - bass and Andreas Glans - drums. 

In October 2007 Nina Fylkegård started My Niece as a duo together with her niece Sara. In December 2009 Sara quit and a new, 5- (today 6-) member band was formed - consisting of previous musician collaborations and through advertising/auditions. 

Most material is initially written by Nina but developed by the band and current producers. The texts are given much focus and the musical references are many, with an emphasis on the 70's melodic rock / pop with David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, ABBA and Foo Fighters as examples of inspiration. Beautiful melodies, choruses, metallic fragility mixed with Finnish melancholy, punk / new wave and American singer-/songwriter tradition. All well wrapped in hit paper. All band members are driven by the love of life and music, have a professional attitude and superstar potential.

The band got two songs ("Mary Doesn't Care" & "Fine") selected for the Swedish Eurovision Song contest in 2012 but were disqualified – something no other band in history has experienced. So after two weeks of crying, the frustration was turned into creativity and out came the album "5 Songs 2013" which includes "Hey Now" and "All these Men" – both featured in the Swedish movie "Studentfesten" by Four Brothers Pictures.

My Niece play live occasionally, mostly in the Stockholm area, but  if the timing's right they can go as far as the north of Sweden for a gig at Luleå Harbour Festival e.g.

My Niece's third record - A Day at the Gallery - was released in 2014. The title song was semi finalist in the 2015 International Song Writing Competition (ISC).

In February 2017 My Niece released Leaving Nowhereland – the band's fourth album, produced by Cristian Sandquist.

In November 2019 the band won the Rocktoberfest band competition.

The fifth recording was produced by Johan Nilsson, Mophine Lane, and include three songs that were released in 2020. One of the songs, You Leave Me Out, reached semi finalist in the International Song Writing Competition.

In June 2021 it was time for release N:o 6 - December. Recorded at Yardhouse Studio by Gerhard Kunosson, mixed by Christian Sandquist.


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